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TableTalks is a national collection of conversations… born out a bunch of friends’ desire to talk and share opinion about stuff that matters and occasionally stuff that doesn’t much.

Our friends
Peter Boughton – his words
Kate Bamber – her pictures
Richard Brett – his beard
Richard Upton – immaculate Tweed
Philippa King – her panache
Sam Gregory at Wise Buddah for his nifty dance moves
The Bell Inn - for being our inspiration

Next Up

The Bell In Ticehurst
February 21st "This house believes you are kidding Mrs Merkel"
March 21st "This house believes in passing the parenting test"
April 18th "This house believes charity is a convenient crutch"

The Sir Richard Steele Belsize Park London
February 14th "This house believes we should come together"
March 14th "This house believes the kids are alright"
April 11th "This house believes in the event of the end of the World we should save no-one"

The Warrington Maida Vale London
February 13th This house believes that perfect love is rare indeed
March 13th This house believes the kids are alright
April 10th This house believes beauty is the beast


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Need To Know

None of our guests get paid
(they get £20 expenses and some dinner)
No-one pays to come and watch
None of the guests are elected party officials
There are no microphones
Nothing is recorded or broadcast
There is a host and 6 guest speakers who get 2 minutes un interrupted to respond to the motion
The floor is invited to get stuck in
The debates are an hour long with a vote at the end
The next debate is announced at the end

This house believes the online highway is the new High St.

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This house believes the online highway is the new High St.

  • The Grasshopper Inn – Thursday 6th September

    “This house believes the online highway is the new High St.”

    Anna Fielding / Beverley Connelly / Bob Davies / Ortis Deley / Clare McDonnell / Teresa Wickham

    Motion denied
  • Are we seeing the end of the British High St.? From Mary Portas to a Daily Telegraph report only this week and numerous encounters with small business’s and customers, I think it’s safe to say that the days of wandering down to the High St to visit the Butcher the Baker and the Candlestick Maker are well and truly gone.
  • Is it the internet that’s ruining it all for us ? Progress always causes trouble it has done for a good while and that’s nothing new so why has it taken so long for High St’s to adapt and what’s being done now by all interested parties to get things going again.

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