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This house believes a Woman’s place is in the home

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This house believes a Woman’s place is in the home

  • The Bell – 22nd March 2012

    “This house believes a Woman’s place is in the home”

    Paul Tonkinson / Lydia Frempong / Brian Boughton / Clare McDonnell / Sue Gaisford / David Prever

    Motion denied
  • Ok, on the face of it, tonight’s motion might seem a bit redundant. It’s 2012, isn’t it? Come on. Sisters are doing it for themselves. The bras were burnt 40 years ago. The rib is no longer spare. Fish are generally thriving without bicycles.

    Science has finally proved what we already suspected, yes, women have higher IQs than men – as if we needed science – just ask him to find the torch in the kitchen drawer if you don’t believe me.

    The literature is out there. Genteel ladies what lunch are happily reading about fifty types of butt-plugs on the 182 bus to Neasden. Caitlin Moran is gleefully telling us how to be women and most recently, a book has been released entitled ‘The End of Men’. And if that’s not enough, the vagina now has a biography.


    Isn’t it men who should be staying at home, quivering in gingham?

    Isn’t it men who should be kneeling in the bathroom, quivering in gingham?

    Isn’t it men who should be made to smile gratefully when you present them with a pair of gingham underpants for their birthdays?

  • Why settle for less, when we can have it all?

    And that’s just the problem… ‘having it all’ has become an albatross around the neck of feminism in the last twenty years.

    The reality of women’s lives in the 21st century embodies a constant struggle between heart, head and home. A struggle between our natural desire to care for our families and children and our natural desire to live out our true potential in the worlds of work, arts, politics, sports – you name it – we can do it. Well, CAN WE DO IT, BOB THE BUILDER? The answer always seems to be… sort of, maybe.. if you’ve got enough cash, enough obliging grandparents that are willing to babysit, a partner that is willing to take a back seat…

    So, what does it mean to truly be a woman in 2012? Have we smashed the glass ceiling? Or do we all dream of being blessed by Mary Berry’s spongy fingers on The Great British Bake Off ?

    Peter Boughton

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