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TableTalks is a national collection of conversations… born out a bunch of friends’ desire to talk and share opinion about stuff that matters and occasionally stuff that doesn’t much.

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This house believes the chicken came before the egg

This house believes the chicken came before the egg

  • The Bell – 24th June 2012

    “This house believes the chicken came before the egg”

    Frog Morris / Father David Houlding / Lucio Buffone / Kiran Stacy / Felicity Davies

    Motion denied
  • Frog Morris delighted us all by donning a lab coat and goggles, imploring the audience for willing volunteers to participate in a chicken or egg and spoon race. This marvellous ‘eggsperiment’ resulted in a win for the chicken! Kiran Stacy, having first voiced his disappointment at the lack of cock jokes, raised the political question not of what came first but what comes next. “Governments want to replace chickens by manufacturing meat.” Father David Holding admitted to hating chickens due to a childhood spent collecting eggs from 2,500 battery hens. “The milk comes before the cow, the egg therefore comes before the chicken. The egg is full of potential of new life, once the egg is broken the potential is lost.”
  • The debate was enhanced by contributions from the floor. A lady member of the audience asked us to define a chicken and then define an egg – “exactly, the chicken had to come first.” A gentleman declared that “until the cockerel did his stuff the chicken was redundant.” So it’s a feminist issue after all! Throughout the debate, a lively bantam kept the tweets coming, finally reporting that the motion was denied
    Philippa King

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